• Power Cord Tech-Documnets
  • Power Cord,
    Plug type
    Country China USA Japan USA Japan Australia Argentina China Australia Argentina European Korea Switzerland
    Description Type A
    2 flat blades
    Type B
    2 flat blades with round ground pin
    Type C
    oblique flat blades
    Type D
    oblique flat blades - grounded
    Type E
    2 round pins

    European Korea European Korea British(U.K) Singapore South Africa Italy Chile Israel
    Type F
    2 round pins
    Type G
    2 round pins with ground receptacle
    Type I
    3 flat blades UK BSI 1363/A type plug
    Type K
    3 round pins plug in triangle pattern
    Type N
    Italy type plug
    Type P
    Israel type plug

    Switzerland Danmark        
    Type M
    Swiss type plug
    Type O
    Denmark type plug
    power cords  power cords  power supply cords  ac power cords
    Bulk hank and packed in ctn
    Packed single in PE bag/ctn
    Packed 5/10 pcs in PE bag/ctn
    Single hank and bulk in ctn
     power cord  power cords  power supply cord  
    Twist tie hank(ladies body)
    Coil tied(round)
    Bulk packed


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