• Quality Control
  • Quality is our most important concern as we make the commitment to guaranty the quality of our production. No inspected product would be allowed to leave our factory so that each product with the Powsolec mark is signifying safety for your customer.

    In this prospect, Powsolec management and organization have been reviewed in accord with ISO 9001:2000 standard and has been certified by ASTA and by UL.

    Management responsibility:
    It is Powsolec management's responsibility to set planning so as to meet customers'requirements as well as statutory and regulatory requirements. Stress has also been put to ensure that internal communications is clear throughout all levels. Finally, the management system isalso to be regularly reviewed.

    Resource management:
    Within Powsolec human resource management, all employees receive the necessary training in order to be able to carry out their tasks. Regular group meeting insure that all information reach every one while providing a channel of feedback to the management. At Powsolec, the work environment, and also employees' living environment such as restaurant and dormitories are maintained to the best conditions possible so that every worker at Powsolec is capable of ensuring that the customers' requirements are met. 
    Product Design Conformity
    The importance of correct design and appropriate use of material have always remained essential in our art and practice.
    To obtain such insurance and our actual confidence, Powsolec has not hesitated to purchased the following test equipments:
    High Voltage Tester  
    Each cord set and power-supply cord must be able to withstand a high voltage without breakdown. The test is conducted by applying a pre-set high voltage between the line conductors, and between each line conductor and grounding conductor.     
    Aging over tester  
    Molded rubber for the insulation of a joint shall show no apparent deterioration as the result of a 96-hour exposure to oxygen pressure of 300 gauge and a temperature of 70degreeC (UL817). 
    Measurement, analysis and improvement:
    Measurements made on random production samples also enable us to monitor and provide information on how our production lines are performing with respect to the customer and the regulatory requirements. Through analysis, including those of defect or shortfall in performance, provide us valuable information for improving even better our production where required.

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